Sleep tourism is being hailed as one of the biggest travel trends of 2024. (Photo credit: Becky Craven)

Sleep tourism has been growing in popularity in 2023 and is set to be one of the biggest travel trends of 2024. But what exactly is sleep tourism and why is it becoming so popular?

Why is Sleep Tourism a Growing Trend?

The global pandemic made us all acutely aware of just how important sleep is for our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Many of us found ourselves unable to sleep well due to the worry and anxiety that the pandemic brought with it and noticed the impact that this has had on our health.

The pandemic might be over now, but various other political and economic crises rage on which is leaving many of us living in a state of constant stress as we operate in survival mode. It’s no wonder that we are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

But sleep is an essential pillar of a healthy lifestyle and lack of good sleep can contribute to countless health issues from anxiety and depression to mood swings, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart conditions.

Without good sleep we are unable to maintain a healthy body weight, regulate our emotions, maintain a healthy immune system, or concentrate and focus. Poor quality sleep actually affects all areas of our lives.

Why do we need a Sleep Retreat?

According, to figures from The Sleep Charity, 40% of UK adults are having trouble sleeping at a given point in time. The frenetic pace of life, abundance of things to worry about and fears over the future place a massive amount of stress upon us. It therefore makes sense that we are looking for solutions that will help us to sleep better.

For many people, booking a sleep retreat is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Taking yourself off and staying in a hotel where you can focus purely on rest and relaxation is a luxury that travellers are increasingly seeking as a way to escape the hustle and grind of everyday life.

A woman in her 40s sleeps in a hotel bed on a sleep retreat

Image credit: Becky Craven

Why Choose a Hotel for a Sleep Retreat?

A large part of what makes a hotel attractive is the sleep experience. We provide high-quality beds, comfortable mattresses and luxurious bedding which creates the optimum environment for a good night’s sleep.

Hotels typically create a sleep environment where temperature, lighting and comfort are controlled to aid a restful night’s sleep and to ensure that guests wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

In addition, when you’re staying in a hotel you are away from your normal surroundings so you can step away from the responsibilities that you may have at home. There is no need to worry about cooking meals, doing laundry, or tidying the house. The weight of daily chores is removed from your shoulders and you are able to truly disconnect from your everyday life.

Hotels are also often associated with holidays and all the happy memories that may have been created when you were away. This positive association can put you in the right frame of mind for a sleep retreat.

The rooms are also designed with sleep in mind. You have everything you may need and nothing more. There is no clutter to distract you and the minimalism of the environment provides a restful break for our brains and our senses.  

There is also nobody to bother you on a sleep retreat. Simply hide out in your hotel room, hang the do not disturb sign on the door and indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation. If necessary, you can even order your meals to be delivered to your room so that you can eat in peace too.

If the mood takes you, and you have the energy for it, you can head outside for some fresh sea air and a leisurely walk in nature or use the hotel’s spa facilities for a little extra relaxation and rejuvenation.

If a sleep retreat sounds like something you’d like to indulge in, we would be more than happy to oblige you. Simply contact us to discuss your needs or head straight to our booking page