Meet Dan, who, as many of our diners know, has been part of the team in The Brasserie kitchen, since summer 2020. Dan joined us with a great knowledge base and practical experience, having worked in busy kitchens in Cheshire prior to relocating to beautiful Ilfracombe.

We asked Dan a few questions, to gain a little more into about what makes him tick.


  1. Why do you enjoy working at The Carlton?

I enjoy working at the hotel primarily because (for a hotel) it allows me sociable working hours. I feel more like a human than a robot. My role allows me to be myself.

  1. What keeps you in the hospitality business?

I’ve worked for many years in hospitality and what really keeps me engaged is the team and customers I look after. In my role being creative is a big plus. Also, the fact that every day is different is a bonus.

  1. Tell us about your college and your apprenticeship course?

The opportunity to attend Petroc weekly has really helped me gain confidence in areas of cooking I haven’t practised as much in the workplace. Personally, I have found college learning doesn’t seem as pressured as school was. The opportunity to include my learning in the Carlton kitchen has been an extra benefit.

  1. What do you think of Ilfracombe, and do you enjoy living here?

I love living by the sea as it is. It’s great that Ilfracombe has a slower pace of life and being close to family that are here has been great.

  1. Food preferences. What is your favourite dish on our menu? What do you enjoy eating at home?

If I had to choose just one dish it would be our Scotch Egg, from our Brasserie menu. The way we make it involves slow cooking key elements and combing these with other quality ingredients. Whilst at home I really enjoy cooking and eating pasta carbonara.

  1. Tell us a secret about you?

Ha, ha, if I did it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Mind your own business ?