To offer a brand new alternative funeral service, The Carlton has partnered with local funeral directors William Pearce & Son. These are based around the concept of an unattended cremation.
End of life celebrations can be a daunting and difficult event to plan. Our alternative funeral offers a much more bespoke way to celebrate a loved one, family member or friend.

Professional Services

With the aid of William Pearce & Sons, you can plan a professional service at The Carlton. Our discrete venue allows for many styles of marking the passing of the deceased. You can choose the way in which you mark their end of life. Previous customers have chosen a traditional service, whilst others have opted for a more relaxed and informal send off. In saying goodbye you won’t be rushed.

Catering & Accommodation

Naturally, The Carlton can cater for your guests and mourners after the alternative funeral service, but this is not obligatory. We have a great range of buffets and sit down options if you wish to explore these. If family or friends require overnight accommodation, please ask us about our special discounted rates to stay in Ilfracombe.

The Benefits

Our alternative funeral service has been developed with these principals in mind.
Timely. After your loved one has passed the timeline can be dependent on external factors like the availability of Barnstaple Crematorium or booking a church service. Using our venue will permit much more freedom to quickly plan and deliver the funeral.
Flexible. When planning your service at The Carlton, you can truly make the event unique. Not being in a formal setting means friends and family may be more relaxed, and able to participate in the alternative service in a much more natural way.
Unique. An alternative end-of-life celebration service could include an official celebrant, minister or officiant, to lead the event, or a completely free flowing event. With use of digital displays, music and even web broadcast to family and friends who cannot attend in person. You can decorate and personalise your funeral space if you wish.
Cost. In the current climate with inflationary pressure on all our budgets, William Pearce & Son have developed a fully costed plan, with funeral room hire at The Carlton included.

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Excellent for a wake

Absolutely faultless. Easy to organise at a difficult time, very welcoming in the day, unobtrusive yet excellent service. Felt very comfortable and guests very appreciative. Oh, and the food was absolutely bang on, plentiful and delicious.

Thanks so much.

Richard S