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Covid Safe

The Carlton has been going above and beyond with our measures to provide a safe hotel environment for guests and staff alike. These measures are ongoing and under constant review in accordance with UK government guidelines.

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Covid Safe Hotel

The Carlton | best in class measures

Despite legal restrictions being lifted, everyone at The Carlton is determined to play their part in reducing the transmission and risk of Covid-19 and the coronavirus illness, making your Stay Safe.

The Carlton is well placed for the roll out of covid safety measures. With large and airy public areas, coupled with our pre-pandemic investment and refurbishment, you can stay safe in North Devon. Even then small things, like fully tiled bathrooms in your room and sensor / touch free taps and hand driers in public toilets now mean more than anything.

Our upgrade extended behind the scenes too, with renovations to the kitchen and other service areas, which has helped us in maintaining and managing a safer working environment. Our risk assessments are reviewed constantly and changed accordingly based on latest government guidelines as well as the most scientific research. You can see our Covid 19 Risk Assessment for public areas.

We’ve been consistent in training our team and encouraging best practice. All the team have annual and regular online and face to face training and coaching, which has included specific covid related modules.

Together with our recent investment and new measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19, we believe, right now, that we are in a better position to ensure you continue staying safe at The Carlton. If you have any questions or concerns please do call us on 01271 862446 or email us on

Safety Changes We Have Made

Amongst hotel measures implemented have been lower guest occupancy levels in our rooms, reduced or removed check in dwell times through pre-arrival arrangements. Dining in our Brasserie will feel a little different with a revised menu, suited to working in a new way, but retaining our guest favourites of course. Service will be limited to booked guests only, we won’t be able to seat you without a reservation. Reservations can be made ahead of arrival or at front desk, via email, phone or during your stay.

For increased hygiene we’ve removed from guest bedrooms magazines, printed material and some soft fabrics.

Please make use of our online and digital app*. This is designed to remove paper information and menus, and to avoid leaving your seat to place an order.

Our staff training has been augmented, and the team may be wearing face coverings whilst helping you and other guests.

At entry and exit points to the building, and at entry to the lift, we have installed sanitiser dispensers. Please use these.

All dining options are plated, no buffet service is offered.  We have spacious seating in our Stage and Brasserie rooms to permit distancing. Menu’s are either laminated or online or we’ll tell you what we can offer. There is still the personal touch to be enjoyed at The Carlton.

You can order food to be delivered in to your bedroom if you prefer and if is possible to serve this to you. We also offer breakfast boxes and take-away dining boxed meals that can be delivered to your door.

Staying Safe | how you can help

Even though many legal restrictions have been removed our hotel is still operating a modified way of working.

Wherever possible we will be seeking to reduce your dwell times in our busier areas, like reception, checking in and out of The Carlton. Please note, we will need a direct contact (personal) email address as we will be sending out registration and payment details in advance of your check-in. We will usually require card payment and we may need to retain your card details for post stay charges. This data will be encrypted and used only for the purpose of payment relating to your stay. If you can use stairs, rather than the lift, that would be appreciated. When using the hotel lift so only in your household group.

We prefer if you wear a face covering in our indoor public areas, like dining room, lounge and other shared areas. This is out of courtesy of others including our team members, many of whom haven’t been vaccinated yet. If you haven’t got a covering, we can provide this to you, for a small charge. Where provided please use the sanitiser sprays when you enter and leave The Carlton, and prior to using the lift.

Dining times must be booked for both dinner and breakfast to help customer flow and safe service. At peak times we may have to agree with you a dining time; please remember we are trying to manage the demand and footfall in our Brasserie for everyone’s wellbeing, comfort and safety.

Your bedroom won’t be serviced daily, instead every other day. This means we reduce contact time with you and the team and also allows us to put resources into public area cleaning. Room cleaning takes place whilst you out of your room, and the team can access your bedroom without being disturbed. If you prefer to clean your room or require any further supplies let us know and we can arrange this.

Finally, please do make use of all of our 300m2 of space in our ground floor lounges, and enjoy the hotel space with social distancing measures.

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